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Import existing Account

The Android Burstcoin Wallet Application offers the possibility to import existing accounts. You can either import an active account or an offline account.

Active Account

An active account offers full functionality. You can check your balance and transactions. In addition, you can send Burstcoins to other addresses. In order to use an active account you need to be in possession of the corresponding passphrase.

An active account can be imported with two easy steps:

  1. Enter the passphrase of the account
  2. Enter a PIN code to secure the account

Offline Account

An offline account offers the same functionality than an active one. Except you cannot send Burstcoins to other addresses. An offline account does not need a passphrase, because it only serves to watch its current activities. You can even add addresses that aren't yours. This is possible through the transparency of the Burstcoin blockchain.

One easy step to import an offline account:

  1. Enter the Burst address of the account