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Creation of a new Account

The Android Burstcoin Wallet Application provides a simple way of creating new Burstcoin accounts.


In order to create a new Burstcoin account, you need to have a unique and secure passphrase. Your public Burst address and an according private key descend from your passphrase. This way, the passphrase can be used to access your account from any device. Therefore, keep your passphrase always safe and private!

The passphrase is a string containing 12 words separated by space.

The Android Burstcoin Wallet offers a very simple and secure way of generating such a random, unique and secure passphrase.

It takes four steps to create a new account:

  1. Generate Seed
  2. Write down your passphrase
  3. Recall your passphrase
  4. Set a PIN code for your account


For the creation of your passphrase you need to produce a seed for the passphrase generation function. This secures the randomness of the passphrase. This is done by tapping and swiping over a predefined area. Your random finger movement states the entropy for the generation.


To ensure security, you have to write down the generated passphrase and recall each word later on.

PIN Code

To complete the generation of a new Burstcoin account, you need to set a PIN code for it. Please refer to PIN Code.