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Transaction History

The Android Burstcoin Wallet Application offers you a history of the last 15 transactions recorded for an account. A list containing ingoing and outgoing transactions with their according amounts. Ingoing transactions (indicated by a green arrow) state the sender's addresses and outgoing transactions (indicated by a red arrow) state the recipient's addresses. In addition, the exact dates are displayed, when transactions were executed. Transactions with transaction messages list the corresponding message text. Encrypted texts can be decrypted via the decryption dialog. The decryption dialog can be opened by tapping on the encrypted text. Currently, encrypted texts sent withh the desktop wallet cannot be decrypted with the mobile wallet, since gzip was avoided in the implementation.

Unconfirmed Transactions

The history also shows unconfirmed transactions, which are currently being processed. Unconfirmed transactions are indicated by a blue refresh sign instead of a green check mark on the right side.